Celebrating our 10th Year!

The goal of SetMyCamera has always been to empower the photographer through a comprehensive set of tools to inspire more artistic images with better compositions and technical merits. Award winning photographs are only a step away and SetMyCamera is the advantage to reveal stunning compositions and take control of camera settings for the perfect image.

Tools include Reverse Depth of Field (RDoF Depth of Field (DoF), Field of View (FoV), Shutter Speed Recommendations (SSR), Remote Camera Triggering (RCT) and calculators for camera information and distance conversions.

Please browse our website to learn of all the features SetMyCamera has to offer. We hope you will find these tools useful and, if you have any questions, we are available through the 'contact us' form.

Why SetMyCameraPro?

SetMyCamera Pro is a complete selection of tools for professional photography. Supporting digital and film cameras used for video or photos, SetMyCamera is the one tool for all your photography needs.

SetMyCamera offers reverse depth of field focus calculations. Reverse calculations begin with selecting the near and far in focus points while SetMyCamera calculates the focus distance in addition to the best aperture (F/Stop) or the best lens focal length. The animated graphic assists with understanding to capture the perfect photo.

SetMyCamera also includes tools for flash settings, remotely triggering cameras* and focus depth of field with hyperlocal information. Support for speed boosters, diopters, bellows, extension tubes and teleconverters is included.

SetMyCamera Pro includes an iPhone companion app for Apple Watch.

What's New!

Two Versions and New Features!

  • SetMyCamera - DOF Calculator.
  • SetMyCameraPro - Advanced tools for photography,
  • Now available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.
  • Apple Watch support is now included with every iPhone app.
New Features
  • Reverse depth of field as an innovative and exclusive feature of SetMyCamera to enable finding the optimal aperture (f/stop) or lens focal length for situations where the near and far in focus points are known. The included animated graphic assists in visualizing the settings.
  • Themes

What others say about SetMyCamera

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  • "SetMyCamera shows you the data in a way that leaves no room for confusion” – MacWorld
  • “Using SetMyCamera is a guarantee to better photographs.” – William S.
  • “It is so easy, now I understand.” – Paula W.
  • “SetMyCamera aids depth of field calculations and serves as a great teaching tool” – MacWorld
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SetMyCamera applications are available on AppStore.
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