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Now in our 12th year!


The goal of SetMyCamera has always been to empower the photographer through a comprehensive set of tools to inspire more compelling images with better compositions and technical merits. Award winning photographs are only a step away and SetMyCamera is the advantage to revealing stunning compositions and take control of camera settings for the perfect image.

Please browse our website to explore the features SetMyCamera has to offer and how SetMyCamera can assist you in taking better photos. We hope you will find these tools useful and, if you have any questions, we are available through the 'contact us' form.

Why SetMyCamera?

SetMyCamera is a complete selection of tools for professional photography. Supporting digital and film cameras used for video or photos, SetMyCamera is the one tool for all your photography needs.

The range of features include depth of field, composition assistance, light metering, print resolutions, video and still frame, film and digital, filters, flash, reciprocity, recommendations for shutter speed and lens to subject angular alternates.

SetMyCamera also assists in learning concepts of reciprocity, field of view, angle of view, depth of field, f/stop, shutter speed, ISO and hyperfocal distances. Accessories such as filters, diopters, bellows, speed boosters, extension tubes and teleconverters are supported.

SetMyCamera supports iPhones and iPads including an iPhone companion app for Apple Watch. A separate MacOS version is also available for desktop and portable computers.

Included with SetMyCamera is an in-app tutorial to assist in learning about camera configurations.

What's New!

• Reverse depth of field as an innovative and exclusive feature of SetMyCamera to enable setting the optimal aperture (f/stop) or lens focal length by entering the near and far in-focus distances. The included animated graphic assists in visualizing the settings.

• Light meter for measuring available ambient light either as seen by the camera or as falls onto the subject. A sunny 16 light guide is also included.

• Notes for your photo shoot customized for the needs of photography.

• Print size calculations based on your camera to assist in converting photos into high quality prints.

• Themes, dark mode and an expanded list of 30 languages supported.

SetMyCamera applications are available on the AppStore.
Veiw SetMyCamera on the AppStore for iPhone & iPad
Veiw SetMyCamera Pro on the AppStore for iPhone & iPad
Veiw SetMyCamera on the AppStore for Mac
Veiw SetMyCamera Pro on the AppStore for Mac