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SetMyCamera DF


SetMyCamera Mx


SetMyCamera Pro

Depth of Field (DoF)

DoF - English & Metric units

DoF - Animated graphic for DoF and Hyperfocal information

DoF - Hyperfocal Information

DoF - Scroll wheel input, no typing required

DoF - Ease of testing 'what if' settings

Shutter Speed Recommendation (SSR)

SSR - Selectable Lens

SSR - Selectable Subject Distance

Remote Camera Trigger (RCT)*

RCT - Instant Fire Mode*

RCT - Intervalometer mode*

RCT - Bracketing mode*

RCT - Mirror Lock Up (MLU) support*

RCT - Bulb Mode support*

Distance Unit Conversion Calculator

Flashlight Utility**

Camera Setup Selector

Field of View (FoV) Composition Aid

FoV - Assisted lighting

FoV - Zoom & Lens settings

FoV Image Capture

FoV Image Pause

FoV Guide 1/3 Grid Overlay

FoV Histogram of color balance and contrast

FoV w/ Image Stabilization

FoV Brightness Adjustment

FoV w/ Image Enhancement

In App Help Info

35mm Effective Lens Equivalent

Angle of View Calculations

Crop Factor Information

Magnification information

Support for English & Metric units

iPhone/iPod Touch Compatible

iPad/iPad Mini Compatibility

Upgradable for added features with In App Purchase

All Features Included

Field Update for Supported Camera List 

Available in Localized Languages

Social Media connectivity

* Requires IR Transmitter & supported Camera

** for Supported Devices