SetMyCamera Mx - Tools for Award Winning Photographs
If you are a photo enthusiast and want high quality professional photos, SetMyCamera Mx can help! SetMyCamera Mx includes tools to aid in composing better photographs with its Field of View (FoV) utility, and in setting camera configurations for both Depth of Field (DoF) and minimum shutter speed using your DSLR, SLR or other Camera.

Begin capturing award winning photographs with better compositions that are clear and sharp with stunning control over focus depth. SetMyCamera Mx makes it easier than ever to capture the perfect photo that will impress your friends and win you awards. As a field guide or teaching aid, SetMyCamera Mx is the one tool for better photos.

★★★★★ What others say about SetMyCamera Mx:
“SetMyCamera Mx aids depth of field calculations and serves as a great teaching tool” – MacWorld
"SetMyCamera Mx shows you the data in a way that leaves no room for confusion” – MacWorld

Main Features of SetMyCamera Mx:
DoF – Aperture (f/stop) settings for more advanced photographs,
DoF – Hyperfocal information,
DoF – Easy scroll wheel setting (no typing) to test 'what if' settings,
DoF – Animated for easy to visualize information,
FoV – Composition assistance for award winning photos,
SSR - Shutter Speed Recommendations to prevent blurred pictures,
Distance unit conversion calculator,
Crop Factor, Magnification and Angle of View (AoV) calculator,
35mm Effective Lens Equivalence Calculator,
In app assistance guide,
Flashlight utility for supported devices,
Supports English and Metric units,
Social Media connectivity,
Upgradeable with additional features,
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Additional Convenience Utilities
  • Calculator for distance unit conversions. All SetMyCamera Pro features support both English and Metric units.
  • Calculator for Angle of View (AoV),
  • Crop Factor information,
  • Magnification data,
  • 35mm effective Lens Equivalence calculation,
  • For supported devices, a flashlight utility is included,
  • In app assistance is always available and ready to use.

Why SetMyCamera Mx?
SetMyCamera Mx takes the guesswork out of capturing the perfect photograph. The best settings will appear right on the screen of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. SetMyCamera applications help you to take the best shots with less hassle and confusion using your DSLR, SLR or any camera with user adjustable aperture settings.

Whether you are taking pictures of friends and family, preserving the beauty of an afternoon hike or on a professional photo shoot, SetMyCamera Mx will help you capture the moment. How many awards could you win with higher quality images?

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Setup/Flashlight Utility & In app assistance:

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