Press Release of SetMyCamera series

Bluestone Pond Releases SetMyCamera Photographer's Utility.

Company ships Photographer's Utility to Eliminate Guesswork of Camera Setup; Camera Motion Interpreted into Camera Settings for Reduced Motion Blur in Photographs.

San Mateo, CA.; July 28, 2012 - Bluestone Pond has introduced a new utility for both professional and amateur photographers designed to provide instant feedback for camera shutter speed settings through the monitoring of camera motion to virtually eliminate motion blur photographs. The SetMyCamera series introduces an intuitive mobil application for iPhones to assist photographers with camera settings.

One of the biggest problems photographer's encounter is camera shake that results in ruined photos caused by motion blur. Until now a photographer has been left with guessing at shutter speed settings to overcome motion blur caused by camera movement. Now available to all photographers is a tool to analyze the camera's motion and translate the information into camera configurations for the purpose of sharper photographs without motion blur.

"Never before has there been a tool to eliminate guessing about shutter speed settings to eliminate motion blur. This is a ground breaking product that is very easy to use" said Roger Bauchspies, Bluestone Pond's CEO. "It is time photographers were better equipped to empower themselves in the art of photography instead of dwelling on camera mechanics. This is the advantage SetMyCamera applications provide, to enable higher quality photographs."

By analyzing a camera's motion, precise algorithms calculate a minimum shutter speed to overcome motion blur. As a teaching aid it reveals motion from a camera's perspective including effects such as heart and respiratory rate, the motor sensory system and even how depressing the shutter release button can effect the camera during the image capture process.

Other features of the SetMyCamera series includes Depth of Field information through a graphical animation for clear understanding of the desired settings, and a configurable remote IR trigger option for supported cameras.

Bluestone Pond, based in San Mateo, California, is a developer of innovative technologies used in image processing such as motion detection, image and video compression, feature extraction and biometric identification. The company performs software development of core technologies for use in consumer products and OEM applications.

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