Do it Yourself - IR Transmitter

Step by Step instructions

Parts list include:
  • 2 each 940nm LEDs
  • 3.5mm / 1/8inch male stereo connector
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Soldering iron & Solder
  • Wire cutters & strippers
Skills required:
  • Soldering, wire stripping and patience.
Part availability:
  • Local electronics stores such as Radio Shack carry these common components.
Assembly Instructions

1. Strip ends of wire as shown below. Some stereo connectors may use two sets of 2 wires per channel in which case the ground wires from each should be connected together and soldered.
Stacks Image 90
2. The ground wire can be removed. Next we slip a length of heat-shrink tubing over the wire for use at the last step.
Stacks Image 98
3. Notice the LEDs have unequal length leads. This difference indicates polarity of the LED. We want to join the two LEDs together connecting the long lead to the short lead.
Stacks Image 102
4. Solder the 2 LEDs together. Notice the LEDs are joined connecting differing length leads to each other.
Stacks Image 106
5. Slip one piece of short heat-shrink tubing over the LED and using heat from either the soldering iron or heat gun to shrink the tubing. Slide a second piece of tubing over the first for use later. Solder one lead of the stereo wire to one lead of the LEDs. Polarity is not an issue here.
Stacks Image 110
6. Slide the second piece of tubing over the solder joint and shrink it into place.
Stacks Image 114
7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 on the second set of LED leads.
Stacks Image 121
8. The assembly should look like the image below. The next step is to slide the last heat-shrink tube from step 2 into place and shrink it.
Stacks Image 125
9. The final assembly should look like this. The next and final step is to test it.
Stacks Image 129
10. An alternative would be to use a stereo plug without a cable. This type of connector may interfere with iPhone cases so be sure to test that the connector inserts fully into the iPhone.
Stacks Image 133

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