Better photos through better tools

About the Developer

SetMyCamera was conceived and designed by photographers as tools for photography. The primary objective is for ease of use and to explore solutions for better photographs for all photographers be they beginner or professional.

From our own experiences we know every time a photographer prepares to shoot an scene the question of best setting is raised. To configure the camera the desire for an easier method of understanding the best setting in an easy to understand format becomes paramount. More important is the ability to test alternative settings quickly for ‘what if’ scenarios which is what this app enables.

While we continue to enjoy photography we also spend more of our time teaching photography in addition to topics of math and science. Yes, we enjoy math too which was a key to creating SetMyCamera. Features such as reverse depth of field required a complex mathematical solution to make a reality.

We hope you enjoy SetMyCamera and welcome hearing from you and your experiences in using it.

Thank you and happy photography.

The programming of this application is from BluestonePond which can be reached at

SetMyCamera applications are available on the AppStore.
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Veiw SetMyCamera Pro on the AppStore for Mac